Moving all 10 of our feet!

It’s been getting hotter and hotter here.  Brett’s been working a lot so the girls and I have been going for runs and walks by ourselves.  It is harder some nights to have enough time to run or walk once it is finally cool enough to do so but we’ve been doing our best to brave the summer!  Here are some of our ‘finish lines’ 🙂









The girls and I often take the same treks around the neighborhood though we have enjoyed some hiking this summer as well.  Do you have a favorite walking/running route?  Do you always take the pups along or do you sometimes leave them at home?


Saturday morning – donuts, pups, and the Urbana Farmers Market!

The farmers market has opened for the season here in Chambana!  Brett and I love going and just walking around the various stalls of produce and flowers and handmade goods.  Before heading to the farmers market, a typical Saturday when we have a bit of time to ourselves (this isn’t always the case with a busy research/school schedule) often starts with one of us going to pick up donuts while the coffee is brewing (usually this is Brett 🙂 ).  We go to this small donut shop in Champaign where the woman there refuses to put your donuts in anything but a bag so you have to specifically ask that she arrange them so that half of the icing of one donut isn’t dragged off by either the bag or its neighbor (but they have the best donuts in town!).

blog_saturdayMorningDonut and coffee drinking time usually also turns into some time for quality snuggles…


along with some quality tail wagging (and barking) at people passing by the house…


We then head to the farmers market!  One of our favorite places is this stand where they sell the goat and sheep cheese from a local farm.

blog_farmersMarketWe bought the Black Sheep cheese this past Saturday.  This stand also sells goat cheese gelato!  We don’t buy a full grocery store trip worth of food at the market but getting to meet the people responsible for the animals and produce is always fun.  This particular stand even offers tours of the Praire Fruits Farm, complete with all of their goats and sheep.  🙂

There are also homemade goods at the farmer’s market.  This gentleman makes handmade cigar box guitars and sells them here in Urbana.  We actually got one for Lucas’s graduation present they looked so cool!  The finished product has the company’s insignia along with some special, personalized touches for Lucas, and is ready to plug into an amp and jam!  Brett tested Lucas’s out, just in case, before we gave it to him 😉





The instruments play and have a really fun sound to them.  🙂  Such wonderful surprises found at the farmers market and such a wonderful addition to any Saturday morning!

Do you have any Saturday morning rituals or traditions?  🙂



Chicago Marathon 2012…heading towards Chicago Marathon 2013!

Brett and I have officially registered for the Chicago Marathon this October, 2013.  Since I never shared the experience that we had last October running the marathon, I thought now was as good a time as any!

After many months of training with the pups, we were ready to pack up and drive to Chicago for the marathon!


In Champaign, we prepared our required race day essentials and put everything we’d need in/on our running belts



Some of our techniques worked better than others.  For instance, I now know that cutting up power bars into strips and putting them into empty water bottles makes for almost impossible to retrieve snacks during the race 🙂  We then drove to Chicago and picked up our race packets.  I’ll have to share pictures of this year’s expo with you in October because the event is HUGE.  Anyway, we picked up our packets and headed to Brett’s childhood home where we readied our clothes for the race.

IMG_0888Then it was time for bed.  At 4 am the alarm clock went off.  We took care of the pups, got dressed, and headed downtown.  It was still very dark outside.  When we got to the parking garage designated for the runners we realized that we were slightly ahead of schedule so we posed for a photo op.  We looked like this…


but we felt like this…  🙂


Then we headed to the American Brain Tumor Association’s team tent.


I took a photo with the team


and we all headed to the start line


It was awfully cold still!  Brett and I bought cheap sweats at Target to put on over our running clothes before the race.  An organization picks up the clothes deposited by runners before the race and donates them to homeless people.  🙂


We had to wait about 45 minutes for the race to start…along with 40,000 of our closest friends 🙂



During the race we took some funny videos 🙂  This one (IMG_0904) is us entertaining ourselves while waiting for the race to start and surrounded by thousands of runners.

You can see other ones IMG_0905, and IMG_0906, and IMG_0907

This is what the end of the race looks like



We had a great time running the race and are hopeful that we’ll stay even more on top of our training for the 2013 event!  🙂  If you would like to donate to either of our marathons, we are each running for charities that are near and dear to our hearts.  I am running for the American Brain Tumor Association in memory of my mother and for those patients, caregivers, and families living with this disease.  Brett is running for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of his father and for what we went through.  Each of these charities do wonderful, wonderful things.  Please consider donating 🙂

This is the link to my fundraising page and this is the link to Brett’s fundraising page

Thank you!

Love, Mallory & Brett







Early evening in the hammock

The weather has been soooo fantastic lately!  One evening, right after getting home from work, Brett and I let the pups outside and decided to join them.  We set up the hammock, grabbed our laptops, and worked for about an hour while enjoying the evening air.  The central tree in our backyard finally has all of its leaves and the grass is in, full and green.  The hammock was one of the best, for fun items that Brett and I put on our wedding registry…



Eventually we were all hungry and the pups in particular started nudging up against the hammock, trying to get our attention.  They distracted one another for a few minutes by playing around the hammock but growling stomachs still won over in the end and inside we went.



The evening outside was so welcoming after the long winter.  I cannot wait until its warmer like this every day 🙂