Sci-Fi Murder Mystery Dinner

Around this time last year, Brett and I held a Sci-Fi themed, Murder Mystery Dinner party at our house, hosted by the lovely, Joanie.  🙂

This is Joanie looking like a normal human being…


This is Joanie looking like the owner of an outerspace cantina 🙂


The evening was a ton of fun!  I was nervous at first by all of the preparations required.  Joanie was super pumped (read:  very enthusiastic!) about the whole thing so we went all out with decorations and space themed food.  Brett and I made the house seem grundgy (despite having basically new living room furniture haha) and Brett put a clip of the cantina scene in Star Wars on loop on the projector screen.




Joanie and I spent hours planning and preparing the menu.  🙂  Joanie’s Dune Spice Pockets were definitely the highlight of the evening but my Fruit Spawn Cupcakes were quite a hit as well 🙂  Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of Wookie Chow, Bugs & Sauce, and Yoda Ears with any cantina meal?


Each person was given information on the theme of the party along with specific details about their assigned character.  Since it was a murder mystery, we had to be secretive about certain details.  Brett even ended up being the murderer and he never told me ahead of time! (read:  good thing I wasn’t the murderer haha)



Everyone went all out with their character’s costumes and with the many little details required by the evening’s festivities!  Some friends of ours even created the little, rose scented pills needed by some of the characters!  (I wish I had a picture of those! haha!  our living room and kitchen smelled rose-y for a week!)  Another friend of ours was spray painted by her husband for her costume before they arrived…I think she looked like a tiger for a few days after the party too 🙂






The story was acted out perfectly and I think that everyone had a really great time!









Pictures by Marianne (thank you Marianne!) and Mallory

Sorry about the blurry images…the room was quite dark and was meant to feel eerie 🙂  I’m really not good at events like this!  They are super super fun but I would rather just hang out with everyone instead of need to have some story behind what I’m saying…mainly I don’t like the deception involved!  😉  Can’t we all just be friends?!  HAHA!  Brett, for instance, lied to me under the disguise of his character in order to book passage onto some space freighter….I just let him book for whatever money he said he had not thinking that he’d be fibbing to me!  🙂  (maybe I should just help plan and watch everyone next time?  hehe)  The evening was so fun though and everyone had a great time.

Do you have any fun, people-getting-together type of events like this that you like?  🙂

how I know we’ll always be engineers

This post could equally be named, ‘how I know we spend too much time around engineers’ but then I figured that we are engineers! So maybe this is just a great indication that we’re in this line of work (and thinking haha) for the long haul 🙂 (or that anything we do or touch will be affected by our engineering ‘know how’) 🙂

How I know that Brett and I have a lot of engineering friends/How I know we’ll always be engineers at heart:

#1  A conversation with a friend about some plans over the summer. I asked him if he would be back in Champaign by a certain date and he began his response with…

Y: “there is a non-zero probability that…”

#2  When I went to visit Brett in Seattle he had only shaving cream and Axe body soap in his shower…apparently that is all one needs? 😉
#3  A conversation at work about the correct technique to down large trees (as if that weren’t nerdy enough) then turned into a discussion about the fracture mechanics involved depending on whether the trees were solid or hollow.

#4  Talking with a friend about how the A/C was out on the floor where he works at NASA in Alabama. I asked how he was coping and he said…

B: “I have my fan on full blast and i’m trying to minimize my movements.”

#5  Running with the same NASA friend. We’ve been doing a run/walk routine while he builds up his running endurance.

M: “25 seconds left…sorry, make that 45.”
B: “I liked the first choice better.”
M: “We’ll interpolate.”

#6  A discussion with some co-workers at NASA about their work travel plans resulted in this exchange…

G: Did you hear that our travel was cancelled this week?
M: Yes, P told me yesterday. Is that good or bad?
G: We’re not sure. There is probably a hidden meaning in it but we’re engineers so we don’t know what it is.
P: Yea…just be direct with us. Are we going to prom or not?…No?…Ok, fine.