a homemade light box

Lacuna Loft sells product and activity kits to people undergoing cancer treatments.  This means that I currently have a picnic sized table full of the initial round of products to go into these kits.  And selling product kits means that I need pictures of product kits!  Here enters Brett 🙂  He found a really cool tutorial to make your own, homemade light box!  The light box allows for equal lighting all around the objects being photographed and results in some really great photos.  Brett mixed two different sets of directions together (found here and here) to make our very own light box 🙂

The whole process took about an hour and the box turned out really well!  We started with the box that our shop vac came in (seriously, shop vacs are an awesomely necessary household item…along with their box haha!).  Brett cut out windows on the top and two opposing sides, and the front.  I measured out white fabric to cover the top and sides, and Brett stuck them in place.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Inca had to come and check in on our progress 🙂

photo 5

Then white pieces of poster board were cut out in order to cover up the remaining corners of brown cardboard on the inside of the box.

photo 6

Finally, a strip of cloth was adhered to the top, back side of the box and slung towards the front, bottom side.  This softens the appearance of the inside of the light box as it removes any right corners that were visible.

photo 7

Once the light box is complete, we set it on the dining room table and surrounded it with lights.

photo 8 photo 9

And voila!  Brett took some practice shots with a vase that we have in the living room 🙂  It has been so handy having this light box around!  I’ve taken all of the product shots found in my business’s online shop in it.

photo 10What do you think?  Have you ever made a light box before?  🙂


Week in Photos

I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of daily life…more specifically about how we don’t document it as well as we tend to do the special occasions.  The other day I realized that one of my favorite bloggers had done a little tutorial on taking better ‘everyday’ photos.  She even spoke specifically about a Week in the Life documentary project.  “A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life is an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of your life with photos and words.”  I wanted to give it a try 🙂  My official start time was 6 pm on a Thursday….here we go!











Paris Pictures!

Brett’s edited Paris pictures are up on Flickr! (It lets the pictures remain much higher resolution compared to if we uploaded them here like we have done in the past.  Just click on the block of images below and you’ll be sent right there!)  🙂

We have decided that since we already had a mini-moon in Seattle right after the wedding, we will designate our Paris trip as our demi-moon…now we just have to figure out that actual honey-moon! haha!


🙂  Enjoy!


Mallory & Brett

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(this photo was taken by Mallory with her Olympus DSLR)  🙂