Girly Wednesday ~ iv

I have always had trouble with getting eye shadow to stay in place.  One of my favorite daily make up items is Mary Kay’s ‘eyesicles eye color’ in Vanilla (the color, not the scent haha).  While they don’t make this anymore Mary Kay does have a line of cream eye shadows that I have yet to try (but will have to!).  If I use only cream eye shadow though, the color ends up traveling up into the crease of my eye during the day.


If I use only powder eye shadow, the color dissipates and fades throughout the day.  Mary Kay offers an eye primer that is meant to extend the life of your eye color but I never seem to find the time to add an extra step to my usually very simple make up application.

While searching through the archives of thebeautydepartment’s blog I ran across this article.  All of our eye shadow problems are solved!  haha 🙂  Seriously though, just by combining the two, thebeautydepartment claims that the color will better stay in place.  I thought I’d give it a try!  I used the cream eye shadow that I had (that I mentioned above from Mary Kay).  I apply this all the way from eyelashes to eyebrow.  I like it a lot because it lightens up my eyes and adds a bit of shimmer.  I was pretty subtle with the colors, but I then applied a pink shimmer eye shadow that Mary Kay no longer carries (similar to this one) and a purple, matte eye shadow that Mary Kay also no longer carries (but is similar to this one).  I also used their Lash Love mascara in black and their eyeliner in deep brown.


Layering the cream eye shadow underneath the powder eye shadow worked like a charm.  After a whole day of sightseeing my makeup was still in the same place where I had applied it hours earlier 🙂  Do you have any fun makeup tips or tricks?



Girly Wednesday ~ iii

Traveling to Paris meant trying out some new hairstyles 🙂

I found a fun new hair bun to try out a little while back but have just recently had enough hair to do it correctly!  This blog shows exactly how to style this lovely bun in under 3 minutes 🙂  The secret is the sock hidden underneath that gives the bun volume and structure.



All you’ll need are a sock with the toe cut off and rolled upon itself (seriously, watch the video of the link I gave at the start of this article…its so easy!), a hair elastic, and some bobby pins.


That day in Paris, among lots of other things, Brett and I went up La Tour Eiffel and it was quite windy.  The bun lasted all through our crazy Paris sightseeing day.  I brought along another hair rubber band just in case something drastic happened with my coiffed hair.  As you can see though, from our evening relaxing picture, the bun successfully survived the day!


Do you have any ‘go to’ hair styles for an elegant, yet super fast look?  🙂

Girly Wednesday ~ ii

The other week I was looking through some of my favorite beauty/fashion/design blogs and ran across this great article from thebeautydepartment where they describe how to make a more matte look from your lipstick, lipstain, or lip gloss.  They blog article also said that the method would help the color more thoroughly set, and therefore stay on your lips for longer!  Well…I *had* to give it a try!

1. I have many shades of lipstick and lipgloss.  For a first try though, I used Sunset from Mary Kay

2. For the blush, I used a sample from Clinique that I had lying around.  It is a shade called fig

3. My lips, pre-lipstick.

4. My lips, post-lipstick.

5. My lips, post application of the blush.  You can tell that the color is now matte.


The color of the shade has changed a little, but not much.  I tried this with another lipstick color that I don’t like as much any more and also saw very little changes in the final shade of the matte lip color.  I think that using a blush with a different hue (either brighter or darker, depending on the desired final color shade) would do more to help change the appearance of the matte look.

Do you all have any fun make up tips or strategies?  🙂


Girly Wednesday Post ~ i

Here at we like to please our audience with updates on our little family involving everything from tinkering and hobbies, home improvement projects, our history with cancer, chats on graduate school, and just generally, our lives as newly weds.  So I openly admit that this post might not interest everyone 🙂 but there is no denying that one of the members of our relationship is a woman who likes dressing up, wearing makeup, and experimenting with different ways of wearing her wardrobe.  So!  This is the first of our Girly Wednesday series!

Many of you may know, that currently I have longer hair than I have had since I was an undergraduate  🙂  I wanted to share some of the fun things I’ve been trying with all of that new hair!

This one is called a ‘fishtail braid’ and you can see a detailed tutorial as part of this video tutorial or this weddingchicks blog.  My hair isn’t quite long enough to get the full effect but its a great way to keep my hair back and it doesn’t take very much skill (or time!)

blog_hair1This next hair style was inspired by the ‘twisted sister’ as described in this beautydepartment blog  article.  I think I still need some practice (and I actually ended up combining my techniques with the knot bun tutorial shown here.)


hair1I tend to style my up-dos when I’m running short of time and don’t want to dry my hair…but the added texture that dry hair has, makes most of these styles turn out much much different!  Its just all dependent on what kind of a look you want.

I also just like to throw it up in a simple bun from time to time.


That’s all for the first of our Girly Wednesday series.  Do you all have any fun ideas for hair styles?  I’ve started with twisty, wrapped up-do styles but I’m always ready for something else to try!  🙂