a triangle throw pillow

My fourth sewing project has been finished!  This triangle throw pillow is one of the projects included in the Get Quilty eCourse from Elise.  I am seriously on her blog almost everyday…you should check it out  🙂  After the successful foldover clutch that I made for my sister in law and then a quilted tote bag that I adapted from those same instructions, I decided to try another one of the projects and drove into the triangle throw pillow.  I decided to make it winter themed and chose light blue and dark blue.  Though Elise used flannel, I misread the instructions (literally a million times) and bought felt.  I really like the end product though.  The felt is quite cozy and soft to snug up to 🙂





The one downside of the felt is that it wasn’t iron-able during the sewing process….yes I learned this the hard way though nothing was ruined 🙂  The resulting bumpiness of the patchwork triangles made me nervous up until the moment when I put the pillow inside.  You can’t even tell that the patchwork was never ironed!  The pillow looks so nice!  I think the pups even like it 🙂




I think a quilt is up next on the sewing agenda  🙂  Any helpful tips or suggestions?

a quilted tote!

After the successful foldover clutch that I made for my sister in law, I decided to try and adapt the instructions that I had from Elise Joy and make myself a tote!  I can’t share too many of the how to details but I will share the adaptations that I made  🙂

I kept the pattern of the bag and the dimensions the same as for the quilted clutch.  I changed up the colors from the one that I made for KJ though.


The big change that I made to the quilted foldover clutch instructions was to not plan to fold over the bag and to instead, sew on straps.  Using the same blue fabric I had on the main part of the bag, I made slightly larger than 1″ wide straps that were about 25″ long.  I added some quilted like details to tie into the rest of the bag.  The pink thread was used to actually form the straps and then the yellow thread details are only cosmetic 🙂  I like the way they turned out!



I then decided where to place the straps once the main part of the bag was sewn into the zipper.




I used a beige thread to build most of the bag and to sew it all together at the end.  A bright yellow thread was used to add the quilted details to the outside of the tote, the quilted details on the straps, and to attach the straps to the bag.  I used the bright pink thread to assemble the straps and to sew the last part of the liner together once that bag was pulled right side out.  🙂  All of that thread color changing meant that I had to continually switch out the thread and bobbin from my sewing machine.  It used to take me about 20 minutes to get everything back and ready to go after switching out a thread color…I’m finally much faster at it!  🙂


Just like the foldover clutch that I made before, this bag is made from a tough duck cloth with a nice, 100% cotton fabric lining it.  The zipper has gold hardware and adds a bit of bling to the bag….if you ask me 😉



What do you think?  🙂  I am SO excited to use it!




a folded, quilted clutch!

I finished my second sewing project just a little bit before Christmas.  It was actually a gift for my sister in law, Kristin 🙂  I could not have done it without the help of the wonderful Elise from Elise Joy.  I frequent her blog daily and absolutely love reading about her projects, crafts, and creative endeavors.  I recently purchased her Get Quilty eCourse where she tutorials 6 different quilting projects 🙂  One of the projects was this awesome quilted, foldover clutch that I made for KJ  🙂


blog_clutch_8 blog_clutch_9

The finished product has some great, quilted details.  The bag is lined and has a durable zipper sewn in.  It was so much fun to make!  🙂  I’m excited to make one for myself too!

blog_clutch_1 blog_clutch_2

the sewing machine and I made a table cloth!

After trying to figure out what a good first sewing project would be, I finally settled on making a table cloth for our new (and borrowed) dining room table.  🙂  I found a great tutorial here for an easy project.  I measured everything out and found a local fabric store.  I didn’t buy enough fabric the first time around….I didn’t take into consideration that the pleats would steal some of the fabric.  🙂  After a second trip to the store though, and a round of pinning things incorrectly, I really like how the table cloth turned out!

To figure out how to thread the bobbin and the needle I watched the DVD that came with my sewing machine about a million times 🙂  Fred was visiting that weekend and he provided some backup as well 🙂



Both of the pups provided continual support and encouragement too 😉

blog_tablecloth_2 blog_tablecloth_3

The main color in the table cloth was beige so I used a really pretty, 100 % cotton thread in a beige color.


After a failed round of pinning I finally got the hang of it.


Once I had finished with the actual table cloth, I started hemming the bottom to keep it from fraying.  While I was pinning everything up, Inca nested herself into the fabric that was hanging off of my lap and onto the floor!

blog_tablecloth_11 blog_tablecloth_12

I really like how the end product turned out.  The teal color doesn’t really match our blue walls but I think it works anyway 🙂  (just fyi, the picture below is before the ends were hemmed)

blog_tablecloth_7 blog_tablecloth_8 blog_tablecloth_9 blog_tablecloth_10

What do you think?  What was your first sewing project?  🙂  Any suggestions on other projects I should try out?  🙂

stationary and crafty flourishes

I have added washi tape to my go-to awesome stationary/craft accessories!  🙂  Throughout the last few months I have noticed more and more mentions of this awesome product on blogs that I frequent.  I finally broke down and decided to do a $10 experiment with some washi tape to try it out myself 🙂  I bought three different rolls from freckled fawn and started using the different patterns to add small extra touches to my correspondences.  Then, just a few days ago, I found a few smaller rolls for super cheap at an office supply store.


IMG_2874 IMG_2875



I also used it to help map out some details for a sewing project.  The tape was easy to reposition and served as the perfect guidelines.


Do you use washi tape or something else to add just a little extra something to projects or mail?  🙂  Do you have any fun washi tape uses?  🙂  There are so many!  I think my favorite right now is the air mail role from Freckled Fawn 🙂