Thankserkeley 2016!

Brett and I have officially hosted our first major holiday!  This year we decided to stay in Berkeley for Thanksgiving and Brett’s family (sister (Kristin), brother-in-law (Dan), their 8-month-old (Dustin), and his mother (Patti)) joined us.  They rented a house nearby, since our little Submarine apartment isn’t quite large enough to accommodate a visiting family, and together we spent several days over the Thanksgiving 2016 holiday.

I planned out the menu ahead of time and Brett and I spent time brainstorming potential activities for everyone to enjoy.  For Thanksgiving dinner we enjoyed creamed corn, garlic mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans, dinner rolls, salad, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and whipped cream.  All homemade, made from scratch and love.

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We also enjoyed playing, dancing, and making funny noises and faces with Dustin!  We are officially Uncle Brett and Auntie Mal and I’m looking forward to being the coolest Aunt and Uncle around!  😉


Besides eating we also had fun showing Brett’s family our new(ish) home.  We spent some time in San Francisco and in East Bay, checking out some new sites along the way!

P.S.  We’re back on the blog!  Look forward to some flashback posts featuring events from our first year in California, and more!

Flashback: Thanksgiving 2014

This year for Thanksgiving, Brett and I decided to stay in Champaign.  A few friends decided to stay in town as well and we organized an entire day of festitivies.  Starting the week before with baking and ending with a lengthy poker game, our Thanksgiving Day was different than every other year and yet, wonderful.

ThanksgivinginChambana_11 ThanksgivinginChambana_12 ThanksgivinginChambana_13 ThanksgivinginChambana_14 photo

ThanksgivinginChambana_1 ThanksgivinginChambana_2 ThanksgivinginChambana_3 ThanksgivinginChambana_4ThanksgivinginChambana_5 ThanksgivinginChambana_6 ThanksgivinginChambana_7

ThanksgivinginChambana_9 ThanksgivinginChambana_8

snapshots of holiday craziness – Christmas edition

I know that Christmas is now over and everyone is back home but I thought that I’d fill you all in on some of the fun parts of our festivities 🙂  We had a great time relaxing with my dad…and getting ready for all of the craziness of the Christmas holiday.  We saw family, had some fun around Southern Illinois with Brett’s family, and tried to keep the pups out of trouble 🙂


















Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014!  Brett & I, along with Caya & Inca, would like to wish you and yours a wonderful and happy 2014.  May we all be well in the New Year….and may you take time for belly rubs and play 🙂



Merry Christmas!

Brett and I spend Christmas morning with the McDonald-Jones family.  We wake up, have some cozy coffee, and head to church.  Last year, there was a woman dressed in her Christmas Day Mass best, with a piece of wrapping paper stuck to her shoe 🙂  After church we head back to Brett’s grandmother’s home and we open up presents.  The last few years, our brother in law Dan has made a quiche for breakfast.  Such fun times all together 🙂  (Fun side note, remember the centerpiece I talked about yesterday?  Brett’s family has one too!  I knew we were all meant to be 🙂 )




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