Exams and the end of Winter Break

Hello everyone!

Things in our house have settled down since returning from spending the holidays with our families and then celebrating New Years here in Champaign.  Not many fun things have happened though…we just keep studying!  Brett has some pretty important deadlines on Friday and I still have that pesky qualifying exam on Thursday morning.  The pups have taken advantage of the cold weather inhibiting walks as well as our busy schedule and had some fun with a comforter earlier today…

Inca here has been posed with the crime she may or may not have actually committed 🙂  Good thing we’ll have a chance to get some much needed walks outside and some good, old, R&R this weekend  🙂

I hope that all of you are doing well!

Happy not studying to you all!  I will be among you again in 2 days!

Love, Mallory