Bridal Party

The Women

Maid of Honor – Catherine Royal

Catherine and Mallory have been best friends since they met in band at Parkway West Middle School.  Sometimes the clarinet player just needs to be friends with the trombone player!  They were buds throughout high school classes, marching band, high school swim team, runs in Queeny Park, undergrad spent 200 miles apart, 150 mile bike rides, graduate school, and now beyond (well beyond graduate school for one of us hehe!).  Cathy is a master chef, avid cyclist, dance-party fanatic, and runner, among other things.  She works as a Physical Therapist.

Bridesmaid – Chantal Castonguay

Chantal and Mallory met during Chantal’s study abroad experience in the US after she completed high school.  She lived with the Casperson family for an entire year and Chantal and Mallory have considered themselves sisters ever since.  From early morning swim practices and family roadtrips in high school, to tattoos and shared adventures later on, Chantal and Mallory have remained very close.  Chantal is currently obtaining her master’s degree in education.  She is an experienced traveler, English teacher extraordinaire, certified wine enthusiast, dedicated swimmer, and awesome big sister.

Bridesmaid – Melissa Perret

Melissa and Mallory met in a Chemistry 102 discussion section at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign their freshmen year and quickly realized that they shared a French class as well.  The two shared an itty-bitty apartment, with a great view ;), for two years where they had television marathons, threw potluck parties, ran downstairs to hang with Shelly, and had late night milkshake runs.  Melissa loves all things animals, playing tennis, cooking ‘concoctions’, doing active and outdoors-y things, and being a Physical Therapist.  She is a cooker of crepes, shares Mallory’s secret language of ‘French’, and is a wonderful friend to be silly and laugh with.


Bridesmaid – Shelly Wohadlo

Shelly and Mallory met through Melissa.  Though Mallory was at first intimidated by Shelly’s strong presence, the two women quickly grew to be great friends while at the UofI.  Shelly and Mallory had many a movie night, shared in milkshake runs with Melissa, talked about boys, spent long nights studying, and continued their friendship after graduation when Shelly moved to Ecuador.  Shelly is now a business student at the UofI so the two girls have been reunited in Chambana!  The well-seasoned traveler, kitty-mama, and outstanding speaker of Spanish, Shelly is a lover of fine things and a loyal friend.


Bridesmaid – Kristin Jones

Kristin is Brett’s older (and obviously wiser, hehe) sister.  She recently finished her MBA from Northwestern University and is now working in St. Louis doing very important and business-y things for Emerson.  Kristin loves traveling, playing the piano, cooking, and long walks on the beach (literally, says her younger brother hehe).  From shopping sprees, dinners out, yummy coffees, concerts, and movies, Kristin and Mallory are quickly learning to be great ‘sisters-in-law’.


The Men

Best Man – Raj Sodhi

Raj and Brett met when they decided to be roommates to avoid being homeless the next semester. They then gravitated to the same research and started up a long term research collaboration of epic proportions. Their resumes are nearly identical, along with their odd sense of humor.

Raj was born in Singapore but grew up in Reno, NV. Now he is enjoying the corn and soy at the University of Illinois as a graduate student in computer science. He is an experienced cellist, a triathlon-er, marathon-er and a world traveler. He also enjoys staring off into the distance on the tops of mountains.


Groomsman – Fredrik Berg Kjølstad

Fredrik is a former roommate of Brett and one awesome Norwegian. Fredrik is a graduate student in computer science at MIT, striving to make computers be friends. Fredrik is always game for some popcorn and a philosophical discussion on economics. One of his goals of coming to the U.S.A. was to be a giant chicken for Halloween, which was successfully accomplished. He also enjoys staring off into the distance while in a car.


Groomsman – Steve Fumarolo

Steve (or Fumo as Brett knows him) is (another) former roommate. Steve is a UIUC alumni who is now a software engineer at Motorola in Shaumburg, IL. He usually can be found playing music, listening to music, designing a website or coding up some cool little app. Steve sits on glass on really tall buildings sometimes.


Groomsman – Lucas Casperson

Lucas is Mallory’s younger but much taller brother. Lucas has eight million hobbies that Brett all finds awesome and Brett wishes he had the time to do himself. Lucas modifies Nerf guns, races souped-up RC cars, builds catapults, does stop-motion animation and is in the Marching Band.


Supporting Cast Members

Flower Puppy – Inca Binca

Inca is an infinite bundle of energy, ready to distribute flowers across the universe. She loves squeaky toys, barking at strange noises, following your every move and flying sneak attacks on Caya.


Flower Walker – Heather Goetsch

Heather and Mallory met in the Community United Church of Christ Campus Ministry.  They were both newly graduated from undergrad and starting grad school at the UofI and were quick to become good friends.  Heather finished her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering in 2011 from UofI.  From coffee dates, salsa dancing, trips to Michigan and New Orleans with the UCC, Heather and Mal spent lots of time together.  Heather loves dancing, kitties, reading, exploring her new home of New York City, and lots more.  Heather is always ready for the next adventure.  🙂  She can also be thanked for introducing Mallory and Brett!

Ring Bearess – Caya

Caya is a refined and graceful lady, who is not sure about wearing rings around her neck. She enjoys long runs, the dog park, belly rubs, and looking out windows.


Bearer of the Ring Bearess – Carl-Erik Svensson

Carl is a UIUC Computer Science alumni and one generally awesome guy. Carl makes computers more awesome while he is working at NVidia in sunny Sunnyvale, CA. In his spare time he is in an awesome band, works with awesome start-ups and parties like a rock star (awesomely).


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