Around Here – Winter 2015 Edition

Wow!  It is already 2015 and officially time to turn the heat back up (both on this blog and outside)  🙂

Brett and I have had a busy year.  Our Christmas letter was late (as usual) and will be sent in the next week as a Valentine’s Day letter 🙂  I figured the letter was so late by now that I’d just go with it!  I’m excited to be heading full-force into a new career (more on that in the coming weeks) and am hoping to be able to spend at least a post per week worth of time here, at  Brett and I have many changes coming into our lives in the next year (but no, we’re not pregnant) and really want this blog to be a place to update our friends and family with our big happenings.

Winter has been cold here in Champaign.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Champaign with friends, helped my dad move into a new house, and enjoyed Christmas down in St. Louis.  We’ve been working a lot, scheming of what is to come, devoting time to old and new hobbies, and playing with our lovely daughter dogs.  Here are some photos of what has been happening around here…

aroundherewinter_1 aroundherewinter_2 aroundherewinter_3 aroundherewinter_4 aroundherewinter_5 aroundherewinter_6 aroundherewinter_7 aroundherewinter_8 aroundherewinter_9 aroundherewinter_11 aroundherewinter_12 aroundherewinter_13 aroundherewinter_14 aroundherewinter_15aroundherewinter_16 aroundherewinter_17 aroundherewinter_18 aroundherewinter_19 aroundherewinter_20 aroundherewinter_21Enjoy!  We’re glad to be back here!



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