Around Here – Early Spring Edition

This is what early spring in the Casperson-Jones house was like…we will update very soon about our lovely trips with family and Brett’s defense 🙂

Life has been super super super busy in the Casperson-Jones house!  🙂  We’ve celebrated Brett’s birthday, his sister Kristin and his Mom’s birthday, Easter with both of our families, my dad’s birthday, a successful half-marathon run, some good food, fun with the pups, and so much more 🙂  Here is a little bit of what our past couple of months have looked like in pictures!

Brett’s Birthday:  I woke up early and before Brett was awake, made homemade, triple berry buttermilk pancakes.  They were sooo good!  That night I surprised him with a homemade(ish) brownie ice cream cake…with plenty of candles 🙂

aroundhere2_15 aroundhere2_16



Running pups:  The girls have continued to enjoy running with us.  We take them for a few miles and then leave them at home 🙂

aroundhere2_21 aroundhere2_18 aroundhere2_10

Food!:  I learned to make a fun and really yummy asian dish from a friend!

aroundhere2_11 aroundhere2_12

Lacuna Loft:  I took Lacuna Loft to the Working Women’s Expo and had a great time!  The company continues to be great fun to run and I’m enjoying the ride.

aroundhere2_13 aroundhere2_14

aroundhere2_26 aroundhere2_27aroundhere2_28

Easter:  Easter was a great time, as usual 🙂  We dyed eggs with Brett’s family, celebrated some birthdays, and then helped cook Easter dinner at my dad’s  🙂  We also got to see my dad’s new house for the first time!

aroundhere2_2 aroundhere2_3 aroundhere2_4 aroundhere2_5 aroundhere2_6


More life:  more food, more work, more pups, more fun…and a concert!  Man, do we love music 🙂

aroundhere2_7 aroundhere2_8 aroundhere2_9aroundhere2_22 aroundhere2_23


The Champaign Half Marathon!:  nothing more to say 🙂  Dad, and Cathy came to cheer us on.  Brett ran with me and we both added a bit of time but it was 🙂  We won’t be able to run the Chicago Marathon this year…I am in a wedding the day before.  I’ll have to find another fun race to start training for!

aroundhere2_30 aroundhere2_31 aroundhere2_32 aroundhere2_33

(and obviously we had ice cream afterwards)  🙂


with warmer weather…out comes the hammock!!!

aroundhere2_35 aroundhere2_36 aroundhere2_37

For my dad’s birthday, we put together a small, 5 pot herb garden for him…and for ourselves!  We planted basil, chocolate mint (that is a REAL thing!), rosemary, cilantro, and lemon balm.  Along with a random succulent.  All plants are doing well 🙂

aroundhere2_38 aroundhere2_39 aroundhere2_40 aroundhere2_41

We had fun celebrating Raj’s birthday and surprising him 🙂


we’re still loving Champaign…and the random things that happen here like robots on the street.


The pups continue liking my work schedule…though I do enjoy working from around town too

aroundhere2_45 aroundhere2_46 aroundhere2_47

For my dad’s birthday we surprised him at a restaurant!  Lucas, Brett, my dad, and I all went to the Air Show in St. Louis for the day and then freshened up at home and headed to dinner.  While I didn’t have a good reason for why we *had* to rush home and head to this particular restaurant at this particular time…my dad was still surprised and we had a great time 🙂

aroundhere2_48 aroundhere2_49 aroundhere2_51 aroundhere2_52 aroundhere2_54 aroundhere2_55 aroundhere2_56 aroundhere2_57 aroundhere2_58 aroundhere2_59 aroundhere2_60 aroundhere2_61

aroundhere2_62 aroundhere2_63 aroundhere2_64 aroundhere2_65

That weekend we also spent a bit of time in Freeburg and some time hiking around in the woods behind my dad’s new house  🙂

aroundhere2_66 aroundhere2_67 aroundhere2_68 aroundhere2_69

So far this spring I have made homemade chocolate mint ice cream and a strawberry pie.  (My first pie!!!)

aroundhere2_70 aroundhere2_71 aroundhere2_72 aroundhere2_74 The newest update is that I donated my hair to locks of love last week 🙂

aroundhere2_73 aroundhere2_75And that’s all!  Sorry for the long update since I haven’t posted in a while.  I’d like to get better about that…but, if I’m not writing enough here and you’re still wanting to read a great blog everyday, head over to Lacuna Loft or Projection Mapping Central 🙂

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