Apple Dumplings!

One of my goals for the rest of the summer and the start of fall was to bake more 🙂  So, for an evening with friends recently, I decided to make a southern dessert, Apple Dumplings.  I found a recipe here and had every intention of following it exactly…until work got busy and I wasn’t able to even go to the grocery store until a few hours before everyone was to show up for dinner and board games.  🙂  I was still pretty attached to the idea of the dessert though so I decided to make some adjustments for my lack of preparation time and made some of it up as I went!  🙂

I started by making a sugary, cinnamon-y syrup as described in the original recipe.


I then went about peeling and coring the apples.


Since I didn’t have enough time to make my own pastry dough (I’ll have to try the original recipe as intended one of these days!), in the grocery store I searched out another alternative.  I couldn’t find the dough that I wanted except in pie form.  For some reason buying these small, tart sized pastry crusts seemed like a good idea while in the store….it wasn’t actually the best idea but I made due 🙂  I floured the counter, smushed (yes that is a technical, cooking word 😉 ) the small tartlet sized doughs together and rolled the dough out with a rolling pin.  I cut the now large piece of down into six squares, one for each apple.


The original recipe had the dough completely encasing the apples.  I didn’t have enough dough for that.  Instead, I put each apple in its own ramekin, added the butter and a sugar mixture as directed, and then placed a square of the dough on top.  I didn’t have enough ramekins for each apple so the last two were placed in a bread pan 🙂


Finally, I spooned the sugary and cinnamon-y syrup on top of each apple and placed them all in the oven.


Despite the modifications from the original recipe, I think the apple dumplings were a success!  They were definitely delicious!


The dumplings went well with the board game too 😉



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