Apple Crisp…from a container!

Soooo, most of the desserts and yummy things that we share with you all are made from scratch…I guess I find that if I make it from scratch it takes way more time and I can consider the activity as a hobby 🙂

…but sometimes you just have to use what is available!  🙂

Have you seen these in the grocery store?  My mom used to always have one of these in the pantry in the fall 🙂


I did exactly what the instructions said….cored and peeled 4-5 apples, thinly sliced them, and placed into a 9×9 dish.


The mix found within the container is then cut into about a half stick of butter and spread on top of the apple slices.


Bake, serve, and voila!  🙂  YUM!


Do you have any easy baking favorites that you enjoy in the fall?


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