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I can’t seem to hold back when diving into a fun project.  My latest one for our trip to Paris is the great ‘where to stay?’ debate.  Like described here we decided to rent an apartment in Paris using a website called airbnb.com.  So far I’ve picked a few of the ‘neighborhoods’ (or arrondissements) that I like, or are somewhat familiar with, or are fairly close to metro and fun locations, or a combination of all of those.  After searching apartments that looked good based on our geographical search requirements, I quickly learned that there were a couple of ‘deal breakers’ in our portfolio for deciding on an apartment.  For instance, if the apartment allowed smoking it was immediately nixed from the candidates.  The same immediate denial of the apartment as a candidate choice occurred if the apartment allowed pets (Brett is allergic to cats) or offered only a pull out couch for sleeping…I decided that if we were going to skip out on the possibility of a hotel that at least we could sleep on a real bed for a week 🙂  The site offers pictures of the apartment (sometimes by an actual airbnb photographer) as well as a map where the apartment is situated.  I eventually started eliminating apartments that didn’t show a picture of the kitchen, or the bathroom, or the bed.  🙂  At least with a hotel I can march myself to the front desk and ask for a new room but I don’t think that will be an option if we pay for an airbnb lodging!

parischoisesLooking at some of these apartments has left Brett and I with the question, “where do they put all of their stuff?!”  🙂  Many of these apartments are smaller than 30 m2 (approximately less than 300 ft2) and include everything needed for living!  I’ve decided that I could live in such a small place but that I’d have a hard time getting rid of all of the things that I keep around me (read…all of those things that I have and can’t get rid of and may or may not actually use but for some reason feel attached to sentimentally)  🙂

We started by finding an apartment that we liked a lot and tried to book it.  A few hours later we received a message that the place wasn’t actually available during our dates so we tried to book another one.  After waiting an entire 24 hours (the host has 24 hours to respond to your request) we learned that our 2nd apartment choice wasn’t available either.  So Brett suggested a more brute force approach and in the next few hours that followed I messaged about 30 candidate apartment hosts.  🙂  We are currently ‘preapproved’ for about a dozen of our choices.  I’m waiting til the end of the day, saving the apartment locations who have confirmed availability during our stay on a google map, and Brett and I will decide tonight.  🙂  WooT!  🙂

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