Always a work in progress :)

Hello to all!

The website, as is easy to notice, has a lot more content now thanks to the diligent efforts of Mr. Brett R. Jones.  🙂  The Bridal Party page is definitely one to check out.  I’ll be adding descriptions of each member of the bridal party in the following week.  Preparations are still busily underway.  Flowers are being considered and I’ll be sitting down next week sometime with my head of flowers, Shelly.  🙂  We’ve started attacking the task of creating a registry….but for 2 people who tend to really research their purchases, we now have quite a few things to research before we can officially add them to the registry! hehe.  But besides wedding things, there is a Masters thesis in the works in our household for me, as well as continued PhD research for Brett, so life is always busy.

We’ll be so excited to see all of you come this next July.  Only 8 months to go!

Love, Mal

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