Adventures in Paris Dining

Brett and I, as I already mentioned here, ate some really wonderful food while in France.


We tried many things, from street vendors to museum cafés.  At restaurants I usually translated the menu instead of asking for an english translation (some restaurants have these though if you need!)…food vocabulary is often very different than the vocabulary required to navigate around a city or have a normal conversation, so sometimes we didn’t end up with exactly what we expected. 😉   Nonetheless, everything was always really wonderful.  We ate mostly pretty traditional french food, though one night we ended up in a restaurant specializing in Réunionaisse cuisine and another night we had the best Italian food.  We always asked for a business card as we were leaving just for keepsakes 🙂

Window pastry shopping was always fun…


and one day we bought two desserts from a pâtisserie to try



Navigating the local markets that we found was a treat…(this one was in Compiègne)


and the market with these strawberries was in Paris


The local cuisine was completely delicious…



and we usually finished the small portions


Crêpes off the street, made right in front of you, were always a great lunch or snack idea


We tried steak tartare…I’m not sure we were completely ready for its presentation 🙂  Next time I think we’ll go for the au couteau variety which is a little different (although to tell you the truth the texture of the beef wasn’t my favorite)


The non-french cuisine was delectable


though on the non-french culinary front, I think the Italian food we had at this little restaurant was the best




We even ate dinner one night with two of my friends from France, Emily and Stephane.  The waiter graciously, and very well I might add, translated the entire menu for Brett (and me…sshhh! don’t tell that I found it helpful haha).  He would even point out on his own body where the cut of meat came from for some of the menu items.  At the end of the meal, the waiter overhead us joking about doggie bags in the US (and how they do not do doggie bags in France).  After teasing Emily and me about not being able to finish our desserts, he promptly gave us the unfinished portions in doggie bags…complete with some other kitchen odds and ends.  I received a couple of green onions and a single cherry tomato along with the rest of my chocolate dessert 🙂


We laughed a lot over this



As usual, all photos were taken with our iPhones except, in this case, the street view with the market and the cheese and baguette shot 🙂

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