Adventures in Paris Apartment Living

The apartment where Brett and I lived for a week in Paris was great.  This was our street (looking beyond the, straight off a plane, jet-lagged Mallory…)


We had a little, inconspicuous front door that led to a small inner stairway.


Four flights of stairs later we arrived at our apartment each day.  🙂  There was more than enough room for us in the 25 m2 apartment (think a 45 ft by 45 ft apartment)  🙂  It was definitely way better (and cheaper!) than staying in a hotel.  We had a small living room and kitchen.  We didn’t do any actual cooking but we bought milk, cereal, tea, coffee, and things like that for snacking and for breakfast each day.  I didn’t take many pictures of the apartment but I did take a panorama.  The panarama starts at the same point at which is finishes (so the painting you see on the left of the picture is directly to the right of the couch that you see on the right part of the picture)


Here’s another version that only shows half of the roomIMG_0570

Here are some pictures from the airbnb website


large (2)

large (3)

(the above three photos were taken by a certified airbnb photographer)

We did have a few issues with the shower at first…


🙂  Brett was trying to wash his feet off I think and the water came out of a different shower nozzle than he expected 🙂

Though I spent a lot of time searching for the apartment that we ended up renting, it was definitely worth the time spent.  Our stay was cheaper than if we had stayed in a comparably nice hotel and we had access to a washing machine, living room, and kitchen.  We also had a wonderful opportunity to intimately get to know one of the many neighborhoods of Paris.  It was a great little home away from home to come back to after a long day of sightseeing and exploring.


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