a weekend of home improvements

Lucas and my dad came up to Champaign a little after new years for a weekend of home improvements.  We converted a number of 2-pronged outlets to 3-pronged grounded ones, schemed on how best to fix the dark downstairs bathroom, installed a new shower head downstairs, sealed an opening to the attic that was causing our heat to escape, and discovered that if we shut the door to the downstairs both levels of the house stay a more comfortable temperature 🙂  Gotta love home ownership!blog_aroundthehouse_1


Inca and I spent a bit of the outlet converting time just keeping my dad and Brett company 🙂


The pups all had a pretty good time too.  Caya worked hard the whole weekend!


Inca and Patches (they are litter mates!) played almost the whole time!




And all of the dogs spent a lot of time going inside and outside, inside and outside, inside and outside…. 🙂  This is three of them all waiting to go outside

blog_aroundthehouse_5All in all a pretty productive couple of days 🙂


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