a quilted tote!

After the successful foldover clutch that I made for my sister in law, I decided to try and adapt the instructions that I had from Elise Joy and make myself a tote!  I can’t share too many of the how to details but I will share the adaptations that I made  🙂

I kept the pattern of the bag and the dimensions the same as for the quilted clutch.  I changed up the colors from the one that I made for KJ though.


The big change that I made to the quilted foldover clutch instructions was to not plan to fold over the bag and to instead, sew on straps.  Using the same blue fabric I had on the main part of the bag, I made slightly larger than 1″ wide straps that were about 25″ long.  I added some quilted like details to tie into the rest of the bag.  The pink thread was used to actually form the straps and then the yellow thread details are only cosmetic 🙂  I like the way they turned out!



I then decided where to place the straps once the main part of the bag was sewn into the zipper.




I used a beige thread to build most of the bag and to sew it all together at the end.  A bright yellow thread was used to add the quilted details to the outside of the tote, the quilted details on the straps, and to attach the straps to the bag.  I used the bright pink thread to assemble the straps and to sew the last part of the liner together once that bag was pulled right side out.  🙂  All of that thread color changing meant that I had to continually switch out the thread and bobbin from my sewing machine.  It used to take me about 20 minutes to get everything back and ready to go after switching out a thread color…I’m finally much faster at it!  🙂


Just like the foldover clutch that I made before, this bag is made from a tough duck cloth with a nice, 100% cotton fabric lining it.  The zipper has gold hardware and adds a bit of bling to the bag….if you ask me 😉



What do you think?  🙂  I am SO excited to use it!




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