Happy Biopsy-Versary!

Our third biopsy-versary has come!  🙂  February 14 will always be an interesting day…but it is much more than Valentine’s Day in our household.  We talked in depth about our first biopsy-versary last year.  You can find that post here.  The phrase biopsy-versary was taken from an xkcd comic that we have shared before.  🙂

This year for Valentine’s Day Brett and I went to a Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors concert in Evanston, IL.  We saw them almost exactly 3 years ago in the same venue.  That evening three years ago was hard…we had just found out my diagnosis but hadn’t done any of the staging yet.  (This means that we knew that I had cancer but we didn’t know how far along it was or what my treatments/prospects were).  There is a song of theirs called Live Forever.  These lyrics made me feel so scared and uncertain about what would come next for us…

This year the concert was great 🙂  Instead of the entire band, the evening was spent with just Drew and Ellie Holcomb…unplugged and totally awesome 🙂  Drew and Ellie even played our song 🙂  Do you remember it from our wedding?

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quilting progress!

I’m making progress on the quilt 🙂  It is kind of nice to be at a stage in the project where I don’t have to check my instructions over and over…sewing the rectangles together into columns and then sewing the columns together is fairly straight forward 🙂  I love how this project is coming together though.  The different patterns are so fun and the way the colors from each color blend together is pretty neat.  I’m really looking forward to sharing my updates as the project progresses!  For my post on the first update see here 🙂

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scrumptious waffles

Brett and I love waffles 🙂  I would eat breakfast for every meal of the day 🙂  One Saturday morning I noticed that there was a separate recipe for “ultimate pancakes”….well, why not ultimate waffles?  🙂


To the normal (and super simple) bisquick recipe for waffles I added 1 Tbsp sugar and 1 Tbsp lemon juice.

blog_waffles_2 blog_waffles_3 blog_waffles_4The waffles turned out delicious 🙂  You could definitely taste the little bit of lemon zing in them!  Next time I want to try the other recipe with the vanilla instead of the lemon.  Have you ever doctored an easy set of bisquick waffles or pancakes before?  🙂


Girly Wednesday ~ xxxxii ~ imagining the perfect room

Have you ever seen those design blogs/articles/magazines with pictures of these wonderfully imagined rooms?  Sometimes it is the perfect kitchen, or the most luxurious bathroom, or a cozy bedroom.  My favorites are always the reading/library rooms that people add to their extravagant houses.  I totally want a room with floor to ceiling bookshelves one day, a sliding ladder, and a really cozy space to read 🙂