homemade mac-n-cheese

The day after Brett and I returned home from our Christmas holidays the weather was icky and wet.  As the day went on though, the temperature dropped and all of the wet became frozen.  Wanting to stay out of the horrible weather, we rented a blu-ray and made homemade mac-n-cheese….it made for quite a relaxing day 🙂

The macaroni and cheese recipe that we used was completely made up…on the spot 🙂  I took 2 packages of shredded cheddar cheese and combined them in a bowl with an egg and about half a cup of milk…I’ll admit that I didn’t measure the milk and had more of a dollop in mind when I was pouring.  I just wanted to give the egg and cheese mixture a little bit more moisture to stick all together and be creamy.  I then added about half a cup of parmesan cheese to the mix.  I also added ground mustard and garlic powder.  I stirred the cheese-egg mixture into full box of cooked, shell noodles.  The hot noodles quickly melted the cheese and became all coated and gooey 🙂  Then I spread the coated noodles into a casserole dish.




In a sauce pan, I melted 3 tablespoons of butter and added a cup of seasoned bread crumbs…honestly I wouldn’t have used seasoned ones if we had just plain bread crumbs but the weather was icky and seasoned was what we had!  I also don’t think that a cup was completely necessary….half a cup is what I will use in the future.


Anyway, I spread this bread crumb mixture on top and popped the whole thing in the oven.  35 minutes at 350 degrees and dinner was ready!


Such a nice, easy, and warm dinner to enjoy with a fun movie 🙂  Next time I really want to use some sour cream with the cheese mixture.  Do you all have any favorite macaroni and cheese recipes?  🙂


a folded, quilted clutch!

I finished my second sewing project just a little bit before Christmas.  It was actually a gift for my sister in law, Kristin 🙂  I could not have done it without the help of the wonderful Elise from Elise Joy.  I frequent her blog daily and absolutely love reading about her projects, crafts, and creative endeavors.  I recently purchased her Get Quilty eCourse where she tutorials 6 different quilting projects 🙂  One of the projects was this awesome quilted, foldover clutch that I made for KJ  🙂


blog_clutch_8 blog_clutch_9

The finished product has some great, quilted details.  The bag is lined and has a durable zipper sewn in.  It was so much fun to make!  🙂  I’m excited to make one for myself too!

blog_clutch_1 blog_clutch_2