mixed berry sherbet

The sherbet and ice-cream trend in the Casperson-Jones household continues!  Brett requested a mixed berry sherbet and a mixed berry sherbet we made 🙂  I used a recipe found here but instead of half and half, I used 2% milk.  I also did not blend the fruit….though maybe I should have haha 🙂  There are some fairly large chunks of fruit in the sherbet.  I did use a potato smasher though while cooking the juice, fresh fruit, and sugar so the fruit was pretty well spread throughout.  I also used vanilla extract instead of a vanilla bean.

I added the vanilla (about half a tablespoon) to the sugar and orange juice in a pan


I washed about 3.5 cups of fresh, beautiful blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries and added them to the pan.  (fresh and quite sour haha!)


The fruit, sugar, juice, and vanilla were simmered for about 10 minutes, mashed, and then allowed to cool to room temperature


I added the milk, stirred, and chilled in the fridge.


The next day I put the mixture into the ice cream maker…and Voila!


Anyone want to place a bet on when we’ll finally switch from these cold desserts to warmer ones?  haha!  🙂