Girly Wednesday ~ xxxii ~ daily planning

I am usually a HUGE fan of planners and to-do lists and then imposing both of these onto others in my life 🙂  Kind of joking about the part about imposing planning on to others….but only kind of 😉

My organizing/calendar system that I normally like to use for such tasks ran out of date pages in July and I never got around to ordering another one…until now!  The planner pad arrived last week and I made one of my priorities for the very next day to start filling it all in!  It felt so good to have all of the lists that I’ve been writing on random pieces of paper, nicely organized and all in one place.  I find it so much easier to figure out how much time I have actually devoted to each part of my life when I have a single, go to place for organizing tasks, meetings, chores, and errands.


How do you keep yourself organized?  How do you set goals?  How do you organize tasks?

snow in Chambana

It snowed here in Chambana last week!  It hasn’t been even a full week since we had a 70 degree day and now there is about an inch of snow covering the ground.  🙂  Anyone else have any snow yet?


We took the opportunity to go for a brisk morning walk with the pups.  Caya kept eating snow along the way.  What fun! 🙂


Update:  Brett and I (along with our pups and our house) are just fine after all of the storms yesterday.  Several tornadoes touched down in Champaign County but the Champaign-Urbana area was missed.  A few nearby communities were hit very hard and we send our blessings and thoughts (and volunteer hours) to all of them.


homemade lasagna

Since the weather so quickly changed from a glorious fall to a much colder fall (brrr!), it seemed also time for some warm, baked dinners 🙂  I decided that a lasagna would be perfect!  Since I don’t have any preference towards a specific lasagna recipe, I grabbed a box of no bake lasagna noodles and followed the recipe on the back 🙂

I substituted cottage cheese for the usual call for ricotta.  I’m also pretty sure I used more cheese than was called for 🙂


I tried finding a cheaper, canned marinara but I just couldn’t find anything labeled specifically as marinara besides a small handful of options.  Is there something else I could look for that would give me the same thing?  I ended up using the Prego version.


I don’t really like the taste of Italian Beef and we have a non beef eater in the house, so I opted for ground chicken.  It didn’t give the same texture as a ground beef would but the end result tasted just fine to me!


Between one of the layers of noodles, sauce, cheese/egg mixture, and meat I added a whole layer of sliced sunburst tomatoes.  I LOVE THEM!  🙂  I think it added a nice, fresh aspect to the lasagna.  I intended on also adding a layer of sauted onions and some sweet corn but both of those ingredients were still on the counter when the finished lasagna went in the oven.  Oops!  I’ll have to try them next time and let you all know how it tastes haha 🙂



The end result was so good!  The cheese was bubbly and I didn’t notice a huge difference from having the cottage cheese instead of ricotta.  The no bake noodles were also a huge time saver.  Layering raw noodles takes a whole lot less time than cooking noodles and then layering them 🙂



Do you all have any favorite lasagna recipes?  🙂  We’d love to try them!!!