Girly Wednesday ~ xxviii ~ we had wedding crashers!

Enough time has passed that I no longer feel slightly sick to my stomach when I think about our trio of wedding crashers 🙂  I’m not sure why I have had that reaction for some time now but….whatever the reason it has now passed.  I can now chuckle and giggle when I think about the fact that we have two pictures of three young ladies who I have never met before, taken by our wedding photographer 🙂

2012 July 7 Justine Bursoni Photography Mallory and Brett's Wedding in Champaign Illinois FOR WEB ONLY-421

2012 July 7 Justine Bursoni Photography Mallory and Brett's Wedding in Champaign Illinois FOR WEB ONLY-492

It is probably my own doing…I’m pretty sure I invited people as we passed through the hotel haha 🙂  I hope they had fun on our dance floor  😉

there are squirrels in our backyard! and other happenings around the Casperson-Jones household

It is so nice being back in Champaign-Urbana!  Brett and I have been getting used to our new schedules (mainly my new schedule haha) and have been figuring out how to best work and still spend some time together each day.  The pups definitely enjoy their backyard here…plus you can’t beat fall in the mid-west 🙂

We’ve had some great microbrews…


…attended a polka concert 🙂 …



…broke our rule about pups on the couch….and then unbroke it haha! …




… made coffee at home and then grabbed donuts on the way to the farmers market …



… jump started our Escort…poor baby wasn’t driven all summer! …


…we went to the dog park 🙂 …



… made some really great food …





…started eating some meals at our new (and borrowed) dining room table…


… and have watched some new movies on the projector.


What have you all been up to?  🙂





working around town

Being able to work from anywhere has been such a wonderful new thing for me!  During grad school I had a lot of flexibility, but I ultimately needed to run experiments, go to meetings, and just generally show as much of my face as possible around the office.  Now though, I can seriously work from anywhere I can take my laptop and where I have wifi access 🙂  I often make the availability of caffeine products a requirement of my location too…but not always 😉  I will update you all soon on what I’ve been up to exactly…it has been a fun ride so far 🙂  (Teasers!  Eeep!)  🙂



another clean scan!

Brett and I recently traveled down to St. Louis for another scan.  After being labeled a fall risk last time, I answered their now routine Have you fallen in the past 6 months? question with a quick, No!  🙂


This scan marks another official clear of cancer milestone on this journey.  I have scans for the next few years, so until 2016 Brett and I will have these bi-yearly trips to St. Louis in our schedule.  Next time I’ll take you all on a tour of what a scan day looks like for us, but until then…

Here is to another 6 months of living…. and to a lifetime of it too


Girly Wednesday ~ xxvii ~ musings on a support system

Sometimes you just need that one person to step out of the shadows and come and be your friend.  🙂  I’m glad that I have those people here in Champaign.  I spent the first week that I was back in town sick…then my dad, brother, and grandmother came into town for a short and very busy weekend of house fixes…and then, just as I was mostly getting used to my new schedule and definitely as I was becoming a little lonely in our big house all by myself, I received a text message…  It asked if I was in town and if I had been “sitting around the house bored?  wishing people would visit you?”  And the next day my friend Y just showed up 🙂  It reminded me of how much I sometimes require a good push in the direction of people.  Don’t get me wrong!  I am definitely a people person but I can sometimes hole myself up without meaning to and a week later suddenly realize that I’m lonely.

I was soon cured of my ‘pjs all day, not a lot of reasons to leave the house’ syndrome over some authentic, vegetarian chinese food and in the days to come with more good food, coffee, juice, pastries, and lots of conversation 🙂