Girly Wednesday ~ xxii ~ quotations ii

I have been reading Ender’s War.  It is a science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card and composed of two novels, Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead.  Besides the fact that I do not believe that Mr. Card and I would be friends, I have absolutely loved reading these two novels.  While reading, I came across the quotation that I am sharing with you all today…some of the details within the quote require some understanding of the context of the novel but if you haven’t read it, the general meaning is no less powerful.  It requires some thought and is a very lovely piece of advice…


“I should have gone to him,” Ela said again.

“Yes,” the Speaker said.  “You should have.”

A strange thing happened then.  The Speaker agreed with her that she had made a mistake that night, and she knew when he said the words that it was true, that his judgement was correct.  And yet she felt strangely healed, as if simply saying her mistake were enough to purge some of the pain of it.  For the first time, then, she caught a glimpse of what the power of Speaking might be.  It wasn’t a matter of confession, penance, and absolution, like the priests offered.  It was something else entirely.  Telling the story of who she was, and then realizing that she was no longer the same person.  That she had made a mistake, and the mistake had changed her, and now she would not make the mistake again because she had become someone else, someone less afraid, someone more compassionate.  If I’m not that frightened girl who heard her brother in desperate pain and dared not go to him, who am I?  But the water flowing through the grillwork under the fence held no answers.  Maybe she couldn’t know who she was today.  Maybe it was enough to know that she was no longer who she was before.”

— Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the Dead


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puppy love

It has been hot here this week!  The pups and I have been enjoying some great time in the yard under the shade of the trees, a few exciting trips to the dog park, and some quality lounging time too 🙂



What have you been up to?  🙂


we are sewing!

I asked my dad for a sewing machine for my birthday and it has arrived!!!  I am so excited about this new gadget in our home!  🙂  I told that Dad that he should expect throw pillows for Christmas 😉


I’ve managed to pull everything out of the tightly packed box but haven’t gone through the instructions yet or watched the Quick Start Guide DVD.  Anyone have any thoughts about how helpful that DVD or the instructions booklet will be?  I wanted to go through everything before heading to the fabric store.  I haven’t used a sewing machine since 6th grade when we made a draw string bag.  Also, that remains my only experience with a sewing machine.  I am so anxious to learn more about this awesome machine!


Now the biggest question remains….do I teach myself to sew in English…


…or in French?  😉


I would really love to hear any thoughts/suggestions you all have for good beginner projects.  I have one in mind but, like I said, I know nothing of what I’m about to get myself into!  🙂


how I know we’ll always be engineers

This post could equally be named, ‘how I know we spend too much time around engineers’ but then I figured that we are engineers! So maybe this is just a great indication that we’re in this line of work (and thinking haha) for the long haul 🙂 (or that anything we do or touch will be affected by our engineering ‘know how’) 🙂

How I know that Brett and I have a lot of engineering friends/How I know we’ll always be engineers at heart:

#1  A conversation with a friend about some plans over the summer. I asked him if he would be back in Champaign by a certain date and he began his response with…

Y: “there is a non-zero probability that…”

#2  When I went to visit Brett in Seattle he had only shaving cream and Axe body soap in his shower…apparently that is all one needs? 😉
#3  A conversation at work about the correct technique to down large trees (as if that weren’t nerdy enough) then turned into a discussion about the fracture mechanics involved depending on whether the trees were solid or hollow.

#4  Talking with a friend about how the A/C was out on the floor where he works at NASA in Alabama. I asked how he was coping and he said…

B: “I have my fan on full blast and i’m trying to minimize my movements.”

#5  Running with the same NASA friend. We’ve been doing a run/walk routine while he builds up his running endurance.

M: “25 seconds left…sorry, make that 45.”
B: “I liked the first choice better.”
M: “We’ll interpolate.”

#6  A discussion with some co-workers at NASA about their work travel plans resulted in this exchange…

G: Did you hear that our travel was cancelled this week?
M: Yes, P told me yesterday. Is that good or bad?
G: We’re not sure. There is probably a hidden meaning in it but we’re engineers so we don’t know what it is.
P: Yea…just be direct with us. Are we going to prom or not?…No?…Ok, fine.



Girly Wednesday ~ xxi ~ just for fun corners of the internet

Do you ever have one of those days where you just need to take a few moments for yourself for a little pick-me-up?  🙂  I like to keep a few corners of the internet in the back of my mind for a five minute, ‘just for fun’, easily accessible jolt of renewed energy.

Maybe it’s a great music video or audio file.  Maybe it’s a funny video.  Maybe it’s a favorite blog that you find fun/inspiring/calming.  Here are a few of my favorites right now:

1) a cat, wearing a shark costume, riding on a roomba

2) a wonderful, personal and craft blog

3)  Dr. Horrible …. if you don’t know what I’m talking about you should definitely follow the link 🙂

4) Humans of New York …a really really fantastic photo ‘census’ of NY’s inhabitants

5) A cartoonist’s advice …. this one has been my daily pick me up since Brett sent it to me

Do you have any favorites?  Send them my way!  Leave a comment!  🙂