top 10 reasons why Brett needs to return home sooner!

in no particular order…reasons why Brett needs to return home to Chambana sooner than next Sunday!  (a.k.a.  a list of issues that only Brett’s physical presence can solve)  haha 🙂

—  Brett took the projector for the living room with him so I have been forced to use the itsy-bitsy television (itsy-bitsy by comparison at least!)

—  There is a huge spider that likes to make its web outside the front door.  The pups and I even arrived to a spider blocking our path through the front door…ICK.  Someone needs to deal with this spider!

—  There are still little spiders that haven’t been killed yet hiding in corners and under furniture….ICK

—  Taking walks in the afternoon with the pups is fun…but I tend to talk to them which makes it seem like I’m talking to myself if no one else is walking with us 🙂

—  Somehow the iPad has become attached to Brett’s phone number.  I can hear it ding whenever I sent Brett a text…it is quite annoying and Brett needs to come home so that he can fix it

—  I found two fairly large flower frogs (like I talked about here) outside our back door but they are covered in spider webs…Brett needs to get home so that he can de-spider them for me


—  Most dinner-time food that I feel inclined to make is less interesting than the things that Brett cooks 🙂

—  Spending time with Brett over skype is starting to get old

—  I miss my husband!

—  And the pups miss him too!

blog_Caya blog_Inca

Ok…so there are a lot of reasons that involve spiders, but those little buggers have set themselves up in every corner of the house during our summer absence!  At least I didn’t take any pictures of them to add to the post?  😉  In any case, Brett arrives this coming weekend…the less than 7 day count down continues!

Girly Wednesday ~ xxiii ~ these are a few of my favorite blogs!

I sometimes get questions about what blogs I pay attention to online so I thought I’d give you a list!  This is a personal and craft blog.  Between weekly letters to her infant daughter and crafty tutorials/projets/products, I absolutely love this blog.  This is written by a woman living in NYC with her two small children and writer husband.  Sometimes the posts are small and cute and sometime they are more substantial.  She has a Motherhood Around the World series going on right now that is so interesting!  This blog has great, daily beauty tips.  They discuss everything from fun nail tutorials to how-to posts for awesome hair and makeup 🙂  This blog, maintained by two sisters, is fantastic.  From vintage style posts to crafts and food, their daily posts (and most times more than one per day) always please  I think I have mentioned this website before…it is so easy to become lost in all of the photos and little snippets of people’s stories 🙂  This blog is a collection of photographers, posting weekly pictures of their children.  The photos are just glorious and the story they tell is so fascinating  This blog is HUGE.  It fills my feedly feed (hmm that is redundant haha) daily and I sift through the ones that look interesting.  It is a great go-to for home improvement type of projects/ideas/how-tos  This one is less of an every day blog read for me but one that I definitely spend time on from time to time.  The author of the blog writes about the intersections between feminism, marriage, and faith This blog isn’t updated daily but the posts are fairly frequent and hilarious.  They describe the awesome, the ugly, and the addictive that is distance running 🙂  Vintage fashion isn’t always my favorite and I don’t intend on becoming much of a vintage clothes wearing housewife (maybe a jumpsuit wearing housewife?).  Nevertheless, this blog is well done and entertaining to read.  The outfits are fun and the hair tutorials are relevant even for those who don’t seek a vintage look in all they do 🙂  This blog is a restart of an older one, written by the friend of a friend.  The posts are well written and often quite comical 🙂

Were you all familiar with some of these spots already?  Do you already have your own favorites?  I’d love to be directed towards your favorite blogs 🙂


A Summer with NASA in Huntsville, AL

By now you all know that I was in Huntsville, Alabama this summer working with some awesome folks at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in the Damage Tolerance branch.  I got to see a lot of really amazing things while working in Alabama.  NASA is doing fantastically inspiring work every day.  I was extremely fortunate to have such a supportive group there to work and interact with.  Many of the engineers in the Damage Tolerance branch served as my mentors, leading me around the NASA campus and showing me many of the wondrous projects happening there.  More than that though, many of them became my friends…opening up their homes and weekends to me.  🙂

While at NASA, I was able to see a fit check (watch video at 2:50) between the 2nd stage of a Delta IV and the Orion spacecraft for the Exploration Flight Test 1, poke my nose multiple times into the 3D printing lab where they are starting to print components for actual rocket engines, admire the many rockets and test stands set up on the Arsenal, observe digital image correlation research performed on an actual solid rocket booster from the shuttle era  (I have done this kind of research too but on a very very tiny scale), and climb into a pressure vessel while inspecting a ding on the inner surface, to name a few of the amazing things I was able to do.  I hope you enjoy some of my snap shots 🙂


Watch me! (see minute 2:50 for the fit check specific to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

















Chicago and Michigan ladies weekend!

I spent a great weekend in Chicago and Michigan visiting with my old college roommate Melissa (and bridesmaid, eek!  LOVE weddings hehe) and my mother-in-law, Patti.  The pups and I drove up to the Chicago Suburbs and then I took the train downtown to meet up with my old roomie.  While the pups played together (and lounged on Brett’s childhood bed hehe) Melissa and I walked around Millenium Park, grabbed Chicago style hotdogs, walked along the river and up and down Michigan Avenue…getting some yummy popcorn along the way 🙂  The weather was a bit cloudy but the temperature was just perfect for a day spent strolling the city.  That night Patti and I had a lovely dinner and relaxed at home.  On Sunday, the two of us drove north to New Buffalo, Michigan and had a great day exploring.  We browsed our way around the small downtown area, had lunch at one of our favorite New Buffalo establishments, and spent some time relaxing on the beach before heading back home.  Patti was really brave and went completely out into the water..(the water was cold(ish) and rough!)…I stayed on the beach and talked with Brett on the phone hehe  🙂  It was such a lovely weekend!  🙂































Patti and I think that the pin board of the dog silhouette would be a great DIY project.  I’ll have to see if I can formulate something like that in the coming weeks 🙂  Also, can anyone spot by crazy sandal tan in the last photo?  😉

Photos taken by Mallory and Patti


DIY Flower Frog Bowl

A new DIY project!  A super easy way to arrange cut flowers, in a smaller than normal container.  This DIY Flower Frog Bowl project comes directly from DesignMom.  I’ve added some suggestions though on how best to arrange the flowers 🙂

For my first go at making a flower frog bowl, I simply took one of the crystal bowls that we bought at the Re-Store for our wedding reception center pieces.  Brett and I absolutely love the Re-Store 🙂


I took a bit of strong adhesive and a flower frog…


…dabbed a bit of glue in the center of the frog and of the crystal bowl, waited 2 minutes, and then stuck them together.  The cure time for the glue is 24-72 hours so the next step was waiting.  A few days later I noticed that a bouquet that I had purchased was starting to become a bit droop-y (yes, that is a flower, technical term).  🙂


I figured this new project was the perfect way to save the flowers that were still going strong!  I took the flower frog bowl that I had made and a pair of kitchen shears.


Taking some of the largest flowers first, I cut the stems such that they were easily inserted into the prongs of the flower frog bowl.


I placed the stems diagonally across the flower frog though this turned out to make the process more difficult as the stem now hides many of the prongs in the center of the flower frog.  Next time, I’ll pierce the stem closer to the edge of the flower frog where the flower will rest.


I first placed the largest stems and then used the bushier flowers to fill in the gaps.  I learned this from trying to do my own wedding flowers with a bridesmaid of mine, Shelly…that story is for another time though 🙂 (eep!!!  Teasers!)  My wedding bouquet was made primarily of calla lilies and hydrangeas.  The hydrangeas performed this magical function of filling in the gaps made by the odd shaped calla lily flowers 🙂  Here, I used the bushier flowers in the bouquet to fill this same task.


I think the small bowled bouquet turned out really wonderfully!  It gives the impression of a bouquet of random wild flowers and I have to admit that I really enjoy the bright and different colors.  This small bouquet would be great as a centerpiece on a dining table or just sitting on a shelf someone in the home.



What do you think?  Is this a project that you would try?

P.S. Here are some tips for keeping cut flowers looking great in your home!