Chocolate Chip Cookies!

As many of you know, I LOVE sweets 🙂  I was coasting around the blogging world one day and ran across this post about baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie and I just knew that I had to give it a try.  🙂  My favorite kind of cookie is a little bit gooey and chewy and very melt in your mouth…no crunchy cookies over here please!  (Unless they are Oreos…seriously those have got to be the best store bought cookies of all time…but I digress 😉  )  I decided to give some of the suggestions on the blog post a try to achieve the perfect chocolate chip cookie 🙂

I didn’t use the recipe on the blog.  Instead I used the tried and true, Tollhouse recipe (found conveniently on the back of every bag of chocolate chips).



One tweak that was definitely not suggested by the post but one that I almost always use…is salted butter.  I know they say not to but I just always have salted butter and I do not always have the unsalted kind.  If you too, have salted butter in your refrigerator…have no fear!  You can use it to bake your cookies!  (Just don’t add the extra salt later on to your flour mixture).  🙂


Another tweak that I tried for the first time was altering the brown sugar to white sugar ratio.  I actually decided to use only brown sugar.





When measuring the flour I realized that I added about a 1/4 of a cup too much…some of it flew out of the bowl later on by accident but I think this gave the final cookies a bit more of a cake-y texture than the gooey one that I was going for.  Still, I think they turned out pretty well.  🙂