Goofy summer pups

The pups have been enjoying the warm weather (at least until they get too hot).  They have been spending lots of time alternating between basking in the sun and finding the coolest places in the house to lay….and finding ways to expend large amounts of energy inside because they can’t get rid of enough of it outside  🙂











Can you find Inca in that last picture?  😉  How are you all coping with the warmer weather during the summer?  Do find yourself wanting to bask in the sun or crawl under the bed?  🙂


Girly Wednesday ~ xv ~ accessories

One thing I have learned over the years about my own personal style is my love of accessories.  They can really dress an outfit up to the next level.  A regular pair of jeans and a top can be made a million times cuter (or dressier) with a nice pair of earrings, some lipstick (can this be considered an accessory?  haha!), and another great piece of flair.  🙂  Do you have any favorite accessories that you prefer?

The two accessories that I (almost literally) never leave the house without are earrings and lipstick.  My mama taught me that 🙂  Short or long and dangly, posts or hooks, earrings add so much to the style


Some of my favorites, and easy to use, accessories are scarves.  They add a great pop of color than can either go right along with, or slightly offset the other colors in your outfit.


Hair accessories are another way of brightening up an outfit.  These DIY hair pins are a great and easy idea to fancy up an outfit (does anyone use the phrase ‘gussy up’ anymore?  hehe).  They add a bit of simple elegance to any ensemble.

blog_access3_HonestlyWTFabove image by HonestlyWTF

Embellished headbands are quick little add-ons as well to any look.  They are especially helpful (meaning they are cute AND purposeful) when you’re wearing an up-do and need that little bit of help keeping the shorter hairs in place 🙂


Fascinators, maybe not as popular in the US as they are in the UK, are nevertheless really fun accessories.  I wore one at our wedding and I think it added quite a nice, and delicate piece to my wedding day ensemble.  You can find them for all sorts of everyday looks too!

2012 July 7 Justine Bursoni Photography Mallory and Brett's Wedding in Champaign Illinois FOR WEB ONLY-308

Hats are also great items to mix and match for any occasion.  This is my favorite hat shop in Seattle.  Brett sent me a hat as a surprise present last summer before we got married.  🙂  You can even dress up hats with extras like feathers or scarves!  🙂


Bracelets, rings, belts, and shoes can also be used to add emphasis to your outfit:)  Do you have any favorite, go-to accessories?

Marathon training has begun!

We have both been hard at work, officially training for the 2013 Chicago Marathon!  Here are some of our favorite scenery from last week’s runs 🙂






Just a reminder that we are both running the Chicago Marathon for different charities 🙂  You can donate to either Mallory or Brett …or both of us 🙂  Every little bit helps!  And just in case you missed it, we talked about our experience running last year’s marathon here