A bachelor weekend

Ok, so there weren’t only bachelors on the weekend adventure shared by Brett, Raj, Fredrik, Adam, and Saeed but there weren’t any women present either so I think the name of the post stands 🙂

The boys had a great time exploring Seattle and then moved to a smaller town called Leavenworth, WA in the Cascade Mountains. After driving for what seem like forever, they decided to be very grown up and play miniature golf.

photo (1)

They explored Bavarian themed hotels and restaurants.

They ate disgusting Bavarian food (don’t try Rouladen).
photo (3)

Enjoyed live Polka music.

And sampled fine Icicle Micro Brewery beer.
photo (2)

Girly Wednesday ~ xi

Hello everyone!

I’ve been writing posts for a few months now for the Girly Wednesday series.  So far, I’ve focused on nails (thanks to the suggestion of my buddy Joanie 🙂 ), hair, and had one post on some of the strong women in my life and how they’ve been watching out for me.  But I want to know what you all are interested in!  I know that some of you aren’t interested in these girly posts at all (my dad literally told me, “I really like your blog posts…except the girly ones)  HAHA!  🙂  Nevertheless, I’m really curious if any of you who are interested have requests for topics that I could delve into that might fit the Girly Wednesday series.  🙂  So let me know!  Leave a comment below (or figure out how else to contact me) haha 🙂



Family visit weekend in Chambana!

My dad, brother, and grandmothers came for a visit recently!  We had a great time hanging around the house visiting, eating at some of the great establishments in Champaign-Urbana, and visiting the Arboretum!  🙂







Seitan Chorizo Tacos

Brett is quite the chef!  He made these Seitan Chorizo Tacos the other day and they were fabulous!  It was also one of his faster and easier meals (Brett tends to be a complicated chef hehe)  🙂

First, brown the seitan chorizo in a pan with some olive oil.  The trick that we have found with cooking seitan is to cook it until the texture is a bit crispy.


Chop tomatoes, basil, peaches, and a bit of romaine lettuce that will be added to the tacos


Saute some chopped onions (or chop them and add them raw to the tomato mixture…I don’t like them raw so Brett sauteed them for me 🙂 )  Mash some avocado and fill your taco shells!  To switch it up a bit, we used crunchy taco shells this time.  They were so good!



Indy 500 or bust!

It is a Casperson tradition to go to Indianapolis for Memorial Day weekend and the Indianapolis 500 🙂  Brett had never been before so it was a brand new experience for him.  The race was quick paced and the weather held back its heat and rain to give us a race day with temperatures in the mid 60s to 70s…absolutely perfect!  I have memories as a child of sitting in the horrible heat and sun some years and in the wind and rain other years (they don’t race in the rain for those of you less acquainted with Indy Racing League rules…the spectators sit patiently under ponchos in the stands until the rain stops and then trucks with blow dryers come out and spend an hour drying the track before racing restarts…just a side note for you 🙂  )

This year was absolutely awesome though!  Here are some pictures from our day…