Pups in Spring

Here in Champaign, Winter has officially turned into Spring!  Brett had a deadline on Friday and I’ve been rushing around trying to get as much homework/midterms/research done before my qual studying recommences…which happened today.  We’ve had quite a busy few weeks though!  We were all in St. Louis last weekend for Easter.  The celebration was held at my dad’s house and was a great success!  Joanie (my best friend from grad school) and I even made the dressing!  🙂  (those pictures are to come)  Inca and Brett have been hard at work too, preparing for her summer with only me 🙂  (I have more of an anarchy approach to dog/people co-habitating apparently, haha).  The two of them have been really working hard on her nervousness around strange dogs (especially while on walks).  We’ve had a lot of luck with some great training resources and are ready to state again and again that rescuing dogs is SOOOOO rewarding!  Here are a few pictures of the pups enjoying the nice weather…

Playing Tug-O-War







Caya and me relaxing



Inca hoping that Brett will throw his orange instead of peel and eat it