I’m a Crafter!

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and crafting are things that have recently been made more popular by sites like Pinterest.  While I have an account there, I have had trouble getting into the swing of ‘pinning.’  🙂  My first crafty-DIY project was around the holidays when I decorated some loose leaf tea storage for my sister-in-law.  With video ready, I set out all of my supplies and set to work.  The finished product looked nice but I found it much more difficult than the cheery women in the video made it seem 🙂

Some months have passed though and I’ve completed another DIY project!  Brett’s mamacita’s birthday was this past week (Happy Birthday Patti!) and Brett and I decided that we wanted to get creative and think of something that came from the heart, fulfilled a purpose, and was all-around wonderful to give her for her birthday.  Since we’re literally swimming in photographs from our wedding, I thought immediately of this ABM post I had seen in a blog that I have recently come to LOVE, where they literally transfer pictures onto canvas!

The instructions posted on the ABM blog were really easy to follow.  Here are a few of my ‘in process’ images…




I found a few things helpful while I was completing the project myself though:

1) When applying the printed photo to the canvas coated in liquitex, don’t let the picture wrinkle…it’s not the end of the world if it does but the final product will then have wrinkles.

2) When rubbing off the paper from the canvas, try not to use too much water.  Too much water doesn’t hurt anything but I found it much easier to remove the paper when it wasn’t too wet.

Here’s the final product!


Do you have any favorite crafty-DIY projects?

We have new content!

Hello all!

We now have new content on our website!  If you look to the right (–>) of this blog article, there is a ‘Subscribe‘ section.  There you can follow this link to either subscribe to our blog by email (input your email address and you’ll get a daily email telling you about our new articles!) or you can click the little orange icon that allows you to link our blog up to your rss feed.

Now you can take www.malloryandbrett.com with you anywhere and all of our news is right at your door step!

Girly Wednesday Post ~ i

Here at malloryandbrett.com we like to please our audience with updates on our little family involving everything from tinkering and hobbies, home improvement projects, our history with cancer, chats on graduate school, and just generally, our lives as newly weds.  So I openly admit that this post might not interest everyone 🙂 but there is no denying that one of the members of our relationship is a woman who likes dressing up, wearing makeup, and experimenting with different ways of wearing her wardrobe.  So!  This is the first of our Girly Wednesday series!

Many of you may know, that currently I have longer hair than I have had since I was an undergraduate  🙂  I wanted to share some of the fun things I’ve been trying with all of that new hair!

This one is called a ‘fishtail braid’ and you can see a detailed tutorial as part of this video tutorial or this weddingchicks blog.  My hair isn’t quite long enough to get the full effect but its a great way to keep my hair back and it doesn’t take very much skill (or time!)

blog_hair1This next hair style was inspired by the ‘twisted sister’ as described in this beautydepartment blog  article.  I think I still need some practice (and I actually ended up combining my techniques with the knot bun tutorial shown here.)


hair1I tend to style my up-dos when I’m running short of time and don’t want to dry my hair…but the added texture that dry hair has, makes most of these styles turn out much much different!  Its just all dependent on what kind of a look you want.

I also just like to throw it up in a simple bun from time to time.


That’s all for the first of our Girly Wednesday series.  Do you all have any fun ideas for hair styles?  I’ve started with twisty, wrapped up-do styles but I’m always ready for something else to try!  🙂


aching hearts

My mother taught me that when catastrophic and scary things happen in our lives we have 2 options…we can either crawl under a table and hide or we can keep on going.  So, in the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston marathon yesterday and with aching hearts, Brett and I took the pups on a run.  The weather was nice and the wind wasn’t very strong.  We ran because that was taken away from some yesterday and because, for us, it is a way of dealing with grief and stress, with pain and loneliness.

Many runners have felt very connected to this event (obviously along side those of us with family, histories, friends, etc. in Boston).  This blog post by a fellow runner sums up everyone’s  thoughts and fears quite well I think.  The determination and courage of our fellow runners and humans is what I have been trying to focus on when the world feels so very dark and frightening.  This courage was shown directly by the actions of this man…a 78 year old runner who was very close to the bombs.  He fell to the ground after the explosion, got up again, and finished the race.

May we all be able to finish our races and May peace be with all of us.

Puppy Family Visit!

Leia, the McDonald-Jones family pup, came for a visit (along with her peoples from this post).  While Inca, our smallest pup, is often nervous around new dogs and is (by far!) the most high maintenance of our girly doggies in new situations, Leia and our girls are well acquainted with each other!  The pups had a great time running around the house and the back yard.  The pictures from the weekend show Brett and Leia having a conversation, the pups playing with Brett in the backyard (Caya is midair, on her way down from a jump to catch a toy!), Leia and Inca playing together, Caya getting pets from Dan and Kristin, and Leia enjoying the hammock with her people siblings.  🙂